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Pregnancy | Trimesters

Your Pregnancy Trimesters

You’ll often hear the term “trimester” while pregnant. A pregnancy gets divided into three trimesters or time lines:

First trimester: weeks 1 – 12

Second trimester: weeks 13 – 26

Third trimester: weeks 27 – 40 (or until the very end!)


Although every pregnancy is different and we don’t always know what to expect, here’s a basic guideline to prepare you for what’s to come.

First trimester
This is usually the period where pregnant moms have a rude awakening around week six: morning sickness! You might find that you’ll be a typical text book case, and that everything will happen exactly as the books say it will. This means you will suffer from nausea during the first trimester but that it will end at week twelve. For some women, however, this horrible side effect lasts throughout their pregnancy. Another first trimester symptom is extreme fatigue. Keep in mind that your body is creating a whole new person, so it is totally acceptable to feel this tired. And don’t feel guilty; rest whenever you can.

Second trimester
You will by now feel round and proud and very willing to show off your glorious bump! Women in their second trimester usually feel beautiful, super hot, have healthy hair and nails and have that famous pregnant glow. This is a good time to travel as you won’t be allowed to travel long distances during your third trimester. And after that, well, you’ll be occupied with feeding and nappy changes for a while!

Third trimester
This is where things get a bit uncomfortable for some, especially as the third trimester draws to an end. Swollen feet, backache, heartburn and difficulty sleeping are just a few obstacles you may have to face. The end is in sight though, so just focus on resting as much as you possibly can. Also, stop reading all those baby books as by now you’ve done all you can to prepare yourself for this miraculous event and the rest will come naturally.


Weeks and months of pregnancy

1st month:        1 – 4 weeks
2nd month:       5 – 8 weeks
3rd month:       9 – 13 weeks
4th month:       14 – 17 weeks
5th month:       18 – 22 weeks
6th month:       23 – 27 weeks
7th month:       28 – 31 weeks
8th month:       32 – 35 weeks
9th month:       36 – 40 weeks

Yes, you have calculated correctly: fourty weeks equal ten months, not nine – we’ve been lied to all this time! In the greater scheme of things, however, it’s better this way. It’s a whole extra month for your little tadpole to grow into a perfect little baby with ten fingers and ten toes!

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