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FAQ | Pregnancy Questions and Answers

My partner is not interested in me sexually. Does he find my pregnant body unattractive?

You are feeling beautiful but your partner shows no interest - what’s up with him? Let’s have a look at what might be going on in that logical yet sensitive mind of his:

  • His lack of interest might be due to stress and uncertainties: Will he be a good father? Will he be able to support the family financially?
  • He might be uncomfortable “doing it” with a fragile little baby that close in fear that the baby would get hurt
  • He might have a sense of not being alone with you; there is now a third person involved and that might make him uncomfortable
  • He might now see you as a nurturing being, not as a sexual being. The same might happen when you starts breastfeeding – what used to be his is now a practical tool to feed baby.

Maybe you are taking his disinterest personally and feel that he doesn’t find your curvaceous, pregnant body attractive, but this is usually not the case. Be open to each other’s feelings and concerns. It is important to keep the communication channels open and find a way to compromise so that both partners feel satisfied and at peace with the outcome.

There are a lot of dads-to-be that find their pregnant wives totally irrisistable. This adoration and the fact that women often enjoy sex more during pregancy makes for one mighty team!

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