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What to Expect from Antenatal Classes

First time moms often approach the birth and initial care of their babies with mixed emotions. Regardless of the amount of books you devour or magazines you browse, the enormity of it all can be overwhelming. Attending an antenatal class should provide you with some peace of mind; knowing that you have prepared yourself for this life-changing journey to the best of your ability. The rest is up to your motherly instinct.

Antenatal classes
Inside Info

When you visualise a childbirth class, you probably see a serene mom sitting crossed-legged on the floor with the hands-on dad right behind her, ready to support her every move while they lovingly smile at each other. Whilst this is what may happen in the movies, real life is somewhat different. The level of structure and approach of these classes differ from clinic to clinic, but they mostly cover the same content:

  • Normal delivery and labour
  • Breathing exercises
  • Caesarean section
  • Pain relief
  • Breastfeeding
  • Post delivery body changes and caring for your baby during the first few weeks

Benefits of antenatal classes
This is why

Attending an antenatal class can be beneficial in many ways. It will:

  • Prepare you
    These classes will give the new parents-to-be a healthy expectation on what to expect from birth and the first few weeks at home.
  • Inform you
    It will provide you with practical tips and advice on pregnancy, birth and caring for your newborn.
  • Connect you
    An antenatal class is a great way of meeting new people; many a lifelong friendship is born this way. It can be extremely comforting comparing notes with these moms once your babies are born.
  • Calm you
    Attending an antenatal class will fill you with a sense of peace, knowing that you have done everything possible to prepare yourself for the arrival of the new addition to your family and give you the opportunity to ask the questions that have been haunting you.

When to book
You snooze you lose

Even though you will probably only attend an antenatal class later on in your pregnancy, it is important to book early in advance to avoid disappointment and to ensure your place.

To find classes closest to you we suggest you  contact your  Gynaecologist. They will be the best person to gain this knowledge from.

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