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Toddlers 1-3 Years | Birthday Party Planning

The Ultimate Birthday Party Planning Checklist

Make use of this comprehensive birthday party checklist to ensure that you have it all covered. Creativity, simplicity and detailed party planning makes for a successful birthday party. Whether you are having a small 1st birthday party at your home or a snazzy party that involves a party planner, birthday entertainment such as a clown, puppet show or magician, it will all come together the moment you add your own magic!

First Things First Check
Guest list
Create or write invitations
Send out invitations
Catering Check
Party food and drinks for kids
Snacks and drinks for parents
Birthday cake
Candles and matches
Party packs
Tupperware dish for leftovers
Party Decor Check
Balloons, string/ribbon
Theme-related decor
Tables and table cloths
Table or basket for gifts
Wet wipes
Catering Decor
Paper plates
Paper cups
Crockery & cutlery for adults
Glasses / coffee or tea cups
Activities Check
Games and prizes
Entertainment (eg. puppet show, reptile show etc.)
Equipment hire (eg. jumping castle)
Double Check Check
Confirm booking a week prior to the party
Video camera
The Nice Thing To Do
Thank you notes

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  1. Venuemob says:

    With so many things to do for a party, checklists are very important. great article!

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