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Newborn Q&A |

When and how often should I bath my baby?

Try to bath baby around the same time every day and she will soon settle in this routine and know that sleep time follows bath time.

  • Create a calm atmosphere in the room by using a lamp or dimmed light
  • Play some soft, soothing music in the background
  • This is not the time to have fun and get her all worked up – keep things calm
  • It’s a great idea to get Dad involved in the bath time routine – it makes for great bonding moments
  • Newborn babies really only need a proper bath every second day, a top-and-tail will do just fine the alternative day
  • Warm the room up during winter months
  • If she’s comfortable and happy (not overtired or overstimulated), give her a massage
  • It’s a good idea for her to stay in the room until sleep time, which will follow shortly. The buzz and business of the house, background noises etc. will undo all your hard work of creating a calm environment
  • Make sure to wash under her chin as milk loves gathering in this little love spot! A great tip is to turn her on her tummy when  she’s a little bit older as she will lift her head and this makes washing this area much easier.

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