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Babies 0-12 Months | Weaning

When can my baby eat dairy products such as cheese, milk and yoghurt?

Yoghurt can be introduced to baby at approximately 8 months of age (although some start as early as 6 months) and is a great source of calcium for baby as well as “good bacteria” for the digestive system.

Cheese can also be introduced as early as 8 months. Introducing both yoghurt and cheese is an excellent way for babies to get the fat that they need during the first year of life and because the culturing process has broken down the lactose and removed many of the milk proteins, it makes both foods much easier to digest.

Cow’s milk, on the other hand, still contains milk proteins and lactose which are more difficult for baby to digest. In addition, cow’s milk has higher sodium levels and also hinders the absorption of iron in the body which can lead to Iron Deficiency Anaemia.  Furthermore, the nutrients in Breast milk and Formula are superior to cow’s milk and therefore shouldn’t be substituted with cow’s milk until after the age of 1.

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