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Babies 0-12 Months | Mom's Wellbeing

Periods after birth: When will I get my period after giving birth?

After nine months of no menstrual periods, no one looks forward to the dreaded day your period returns, but it has to happen sooner or later.

Nursing your baby plays a large role in determining how soon your body will resume its menstrual cycles. As every woman is different, these time frames below are guidelines. If you have any concerns talk to your health care provider to put your mind at ease.

If you are not breastfeeding: Menstruation usually occurs between three and ten weeks after giving birth (the average being 45 days).

Breastfeeding moms: You may enjoy a few more period free months. If you’re breastfeeding day and night, it can take a year or even longer before you have your first period. If you’re lucky enough to have a baby who sleeps through the night from an early age, your period will likely return sooner in three to eight months. In most cases the more often you breastfeed, the longer it will be before you get your period again.

Take note!
Bear in mind that your body is still ovulating each month. So start using birth control as soon as you are ready to have sex again. If no contraceptive is used, chances are you could get pregnant even before having your first period. Unless you want back to back children, do not be fooled by the myth that breastfeeding is a natural birth control.

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