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5 Clever ways to announce pregnancy

Congratulations! Finding out you are pregnant is such a special and joyous time in your life. Exciting surprises like these don’t happen often in life, so cherish and enjoy the moment of sharing the news.

Here are a few ideas to help you share your very special news with your loved one, friends or family.

1. Using props

  • Balloons
    Let your husband come home to a bunch of pink and blue balloons in the lounge. Be creative with the message you place on the ribbon. You could leave it blank and wait for the message to sink in, or hang a sign congratulating him on being a daddy!
  • Baby grows
    Buy a baby grow that says world’s best dad, or I love daddy. Wrap this up and present it to him after dinner. Enjoy the moment while he takes in what you have just told him
  • Pink and blue sweets
    Using M&M’s, pick out the pink and blue sweets and place them in a jar. Let your husband know you have a new sweetie jar, and that he has to wait 9 months to be able to pinch sweets from it.
  • Pregnancy test
    Wrap the test up and present it to your partner when he gets home from work.
    You could get creative, for example while he is working at home and needs a pen, hand him the test and wait. Or go up to him and say, I’m not sure how to read this”
  • Favourite colour – pink or blue
    Using booties purchase a pink and a blue pair. Go up to your husband and ask him which colour he thinks you will need in a few months. Watch the grin grow!

2. Using Images

  • Chalk board picture
    Get your best friend or someone who can keep a secret, take a picture of you holding a chalk board with your due date on in front of your tummy. Print the picture and frame it. Leave it on the mantel piece waiting for your husband to see it.
  • Picture of your tummy
    Pose for a picture with a pair of blue and pink booties on your stomach. Print the picture and give to your husband.
  • Image of the positive test
    Take a picture of the positive test and print it out. This can be hung on balloons, or framed or just handed over to your husband to enjoy.

3. Using words

  • Cards
    If you are lucky enough that you find out you are pregnant at the same time father’s day is, buy a father’s day card and present it to your partner. Don’t forget to sign off with “I can’t wait to meet you daddy!”
  • Books
    If your partner likes to read, wrap up the book My Boys Can Swim! The Official Guy’s Guide to Pregnancy and hand it to him as a gift

4. Using your kids

  • T shirts (telling daddy or grandparents)
    If you already have kids let them share the news! Jaws will drop when your tot walks into your next family gathering sporting a tee that reads “I’m going to be a big sister/brother!”
  • Signs made for daddy
    Have your child make a sign saying “I’m going to be a big brother”. Let your child hand it to dad when he is home, to take a look at the latest picture he drew at school.
  • Tattle tale
    If you have a little tattle tale child, now is the only time to encourage it. Let you child run up to dad with the test in hand and spill the beans.

5. Going Viral

  • You have mail
    Send an email out to family and friends sharing your news, you can attach a picture of you holding the chalkboard, or of a positive test and the latest ultrasound

What ever way you decide, have fun telling your partner and friends this exciting news!

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