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FAQ | Pregnancy Questions and Answers

When should I tell my boss I’m pregnant?

When you’re expecting a baby, it’s a happy, exciting, but also nerve-wracking time. It’s a huge life change, and one of the areas that will be affected is your work. At some point, it’s important to sit down and have a conversation with your boss about your pregnancy.

The best time to tell your employer is when you need to and when the time is right for you.  You have no obligation to tell your employer you’re expecting a baby as soon as you find out unless your job involves a lot of lifting heavy items, working with chemicals or standing most of the day.

Many women like to wait until they reach the second trimester. By that time, you are sure that the pregnancy is viable and will continue. You will probably start to show at that time too. It is better to tell your employer that you are pregnant before she can see for herself. If you feel that your boss will be very supportive and excited for you, you may want to tell her even earlier.

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