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FAQ | Pregnancy Questions and Answers

What are the 5 things to know when picking a name for your baby?

1. What does the name mean?

Once you select a name that you and your spouse really like, go and find out what it means. Sometimes the nicest sounding name has the strangest or unpleasant meaning while other names may have no meaning at all. Some couples may be comfortable with this, others may not.

2. Is it Trendy and popular?

When naming your child you need to keep in mind whether your name choice is a popular or trendy one. While some parents-to-be prefer popular, trendy names, wanting their child to fit in, others want old fashioned names. Step away from the random name generators and draw inspiration from something special to your family. Just keep in mind that the child will endure your name choice a lot longer than some trends do.

3. Can teasing occur?

Take a moment and imagine yourself as your child’s name on the playground. Now, put that feeling to use as you’re putting together your list of potential names. Is the name you’re thinking of ripe for taunting in the eyes of a teasing child? Don’t forget to check initials too!

Kids are cruel and what you haven’t thought of, they certainly will. While you can’t avoid your child receiving unfortunate nicknames, you can anticipate what kids might think of.

4. Do you need a middle name?

Falling in love with more than one name isn’t necessarily something to stress about. Who says you can’t use one or more as a middle name? Middle names give you the option to use all the names you love, and as they grow, give children the option to be called by something other than their first names.

If you don’t have the long list of loved names, who says you have to choose a middle name at all? No-one.

5. Is it appropriate to the gender?

While unisex clothing and unisex everything has become popular, do you really want a unisex name?

Let your baby’s name reflect his or her gender. Having a boy’s name for your child or visa-versa can only make things difficult for your child in their early years.

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