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FAQ | Pregnancy Questions and Answers

Do you need to test your MMR( Mumps, Measles and Rubella) before considering conceiving?

If you are considering trying for a baby, you should ask your doctor to check whether you are fully immune to rubella by using a simple blood test. Most women are immune and no further action is required.

Women with a low or uncertain immunity against rubella are offered the MMR vaccine to provide the immunity they need.

Rubella during pregnancy can cause serious problems in the developing baby. The effects on a fetus after a rubella infection during pregnancy can be severe. The effects of measles and mumps, while not as severe as rubella, can still cause complications during a pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that all women who wish to fall pregnant who do not have immunity to MMR receive the vaccine before pregnancy.

It is recommended that women avoid becoming pregnant for three months after having a rubella vaccination.

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