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About Us  |  your pregnancy guide

Pregnancy Week by Week – Your Online Companion!

Our week-by-week pregnancy guide covers mom and baby’s growth and development and assists the new dad-to-be on this very exciting journey by supplying him with practical and hands-on advice.


Our articles are relevant and interesting; our mission is to give you solid feedback in a real way. Whether you are trying for a baby, having to deal with infertility issues, just found out that you are pregnant, about to go into labour, facing the first few weeks with your newborn or dealing with toddler tantrums – we cover it all.

Our interactive tools (due date calendar, ovulation calendar and BMI Calculator), bright ideas and real life stories will have you coming back for more. As your baby grows older you will find information for every occasion, milestone and issue.

Our aim is to supply you, the parents and parents-to-be with practical advice and at the same time encouraging you not to lose your sense of humour. Pregnancy and parenthood can be daunting, but like with everything else, these stages too will pass – allow us to bring you comfort and keep you company while embarking on this life changing journey.