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1. Exposure to niche market

PWBW offers a niche audience of educated women ranging from 18 – 40 years. They include those wanting to fall pregnant, those that are pregnant as well as those who have just given birth. Dads and Dads-to-be also frequent the website with particular reference to the week by week section. With most women being the primary decision makers for household purchases, it makes sense to advertise your product on PWBW not only for its niche value but also for its predominantly female audience.

2. Exclusivity

We limit our advertising slots to just 26 in total. Avoid sites overcrowded with adverts. We limit the banner advertising on our website to a maximum of 2 advertisers; 12 advertisers for the front page and 12 advertisers for the trimester pages.

3. Value for money

We offer affordable advertising and great exposure which means an excellent rand/impression value.

4. Multiple opportunities to gain exposure through website

Submit bright ideas, articles, Q&A or even a product review. We reference your company as the author and link to your website. Relevant, valuable inbound links to your website.

5. Repeat Exposure

Due to the nature of the website, we ensure significant repeat traffic resulting in repeat exposure for your product/ service, and in essence help to make them memorable.



1. Organic Search Results

The majority of traffic to PWBW is organic, which is often regarded as the best kind of traffic! Because our website contains useful information that is relevant to pregnancy and pregnancy related topics, search engines rank PWBW highly on search results. We have a team dedicated to making sure the website is always full of fresh and useful content.

2. Google Adwords

We run a monthly Google Adwords Campaign that targets specific pregnancy keywords in order to attract even further traffic to the website.

3. Sister Websites

Links to Pregnancy Week By Week appear on the footer of all 10 of our sister website directories, including our popular site The Wedding Directory! This provides great referral traffic.

4. Search Engines and Web Directories

PWBW is listed in local and international Web Directories as well as search engines.


1. Top banner (shared and rotated between 2 advertisers) – R1500 / month incl VAT


  • 728 x 90 pixel banner visible throughout website. This option offers maximum
    page views and maximum exposure.

2. Trimester Banner (shared and rotated between 2 advertisers)R1000 / month incl VAT


  • 120 x 600 pixel banner visible throughout 40 weeks of pregnancy section.

3. Front page featured company (limited to 12 advertisers) – R250 / month incl VAT


  • Logo 132 x 99 pixels – visible on front page of website
  • An exclusive listing showing company logo, descriptive text, 6 photos as well as contact details.

4. Trimester Featured Company (limited to 12 advertisers) – R200 / month


  • Logo 132 x 99 pixels – visible throughout weeks 1-40 of pregnancy
  • An exclusive listing showing company logo, descriptive text, 6 photos as well as contact details.

5. Footer Banner (limited to 1 advertiser) – R500 / month incl VAT


  • Banner 300 x 100 pixels – visible throughout the website
  • Link through to your website


Please email us to request an advertising booking form and more info .

Now that your listing is up for potential clients to see, here are a few ways that you can help to improve the traffic to your advert and stand out from the crowd:

  • Post a link to your listing on your company website. If you don’t have a website, you can easily create one with services such as Weebly or Yola.
  • Share a link to your listing with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or any other social media network you frequently use.
  • Include a link to your listing on your business cards, email signature as well as any adverts in magazines.
  • Make sure to send in high quality, professional looking photos for your listing – your photos can sell your product or service in a heartbeat…remember it’s all about eye candy!
  • Use a professional email address – try and avoid using a Yahoo email or other free email account services. It’s easy and cheap enough to register a business domain and set-up an email account that reflects your business name.