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Baby Showers

Invitations are the best way to let people know that there’s something big brewing.
Why not try using downloadable invites. This will be a great way to set a baby shower apart. Celebrate the new arrival with these personalized printables from Sunshine Lemons.

Party Printables are PDF files that you purchase online, download, then print out at home. You can also take the PDF files to a printing shop and they will print these files for you at a small cost. These online party packs include not only the invite but the banner, food labels, thank you tags and cake toppers.

If you like an invite, click on its link and this will take you to the page to purchase. When emailing the seller list your party details, i.e. time, venue etc. The seller will then amend your chosen invite within 2 working days and email you the PDF files.

Happy shopping!

9 Interesting Baby Shower Games

I don’t know about you, but I find that the traditional baby showers where we all sit around the new mom-to-be guessing what each present contains, are extremely boring. When looking at baby shower ideas, choose one or two interesting games that people of all ages and backgrounds will enjoy.


We’ve searched for a couple of baby shower games that will appeal to most people without being boring and predictable.

Baby Shower Gifts – What Should I Buy?

What baby shower gift to buy depends on a few factors: Is this their first baby? Then they basically need everything and anything, which means you have more freedom in choosing a gift. If they only have boys / girls and are expecting a baby of the same sex, she will be able to pass on a lot of stuff so it is safer to find out what she needs. When a couple is expecting another baby of the opposite sex, they basically need everything new and is by now probably be clued up enough to have a gift registry!


It is always safe to rather check with a friend or family member what the new mom needs before purchasing a baby shower gift. If she doesn’t have a gift registry at a baby shop and she’s leaving it up to you, I would suggest one of the following baby shower gifts.