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Books and DVD’s

When you’re expecting, there are so many things you need to buy and this can become confusing and often expensive.  So we thought we would narrow down the selection for you.

Here is a simple list of Pregnancy must have books and DVD’s. These books, Dvd and Cd’s are more than sufficient to get you through your pregnancy questions. While there are so many other great items we felt that the below is a quick guide to pregnancy and what can be expected.


1.       What to Expect When You’re Expecting:

A comprehensive overhaul of the world’s bestselling pregnancy title, with line-by-line revisions and updates of the text. The Fourth Edition incorporates the most recent developments in obstetrics and addresses the most current lifestyle trends (from tattooing and belly piercing to Botox and aromatherapy).There’s more than ever on pregnancy matters practical (including an expanded section on workplace concerns), physical (with more symptoms, more solutions), emotional (advice on riding the mood roller coaster), nutritional (from low-carb to vegan, from junk food-dependent to caffeine-addicted), and sexual (what’s hot and what’s not in pregnant lovemaking), as well as much more support for that very important partner in parenting, the dad-to-be. Overflowing with tips, helpful hints and humour (a pregnant woman’s best friend), this new edition is more accessible and easier to use than ever before. It’s everything parents-to-be have come to expect from What to Expect…only better.



2.        Baby Sense:

The focus of this babycare book with its accessible tone remain the three most common concerns of parents in their baby’s first year: Why is my baby crying? How can I get my baby to sleep well? How can I enhance my baby’s development? New and expanded sections include: How different babies cope differently with sensory information. How you can help your baby maintain the Calm-Alert state — the ideal state for learning. The relationship between tiredness and crying. More on breast-feeding. More on colic, including a step-by-step response plan. The edition of Baby sense is sure to hold the same appeal for parents in that it offers practical solutions for the common issues of infancy. The new content will enhance the ways parents respond to their baby’s sensory needs in a sense-able manner. Baby sense is your key to A calm, contented, colic-free baby. Establishing good sleep habits and enjoying peaceful nights. Your baby’s optimal development and positive early experiences.



3In the Womb:

From the moment of conception, every human embryo embarks on an incredible nine month journey of development. Now, cutting-edge technology makes it possible for National Geographic’s In the Womb to open a window into the hidden world of the fetus and explore each trimester in amazing new detail. Revolutionary imagery sheds light on the delicate, dark world of a fetus as never before.



4. Baby Genius: Favorite Classical Tunes:

Introduce your child to the joy and wonder of classical music with the beautiful pieces included on this 2 CD set. Bach, Mozart and many more of the world’s best-loved composers are represented. It’s an unforgettable treat that will have your child humming along, dancing gracefully, and drifting off to sleep.