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Bright Ideas | Practical Stuff

Birth Announcements

Get a gorgeous birth announcement done for your nursery from SunshinePrints...LOVE!

Sprogs Party Printables

Sprogs Party Printables is your one stop shop for DIY printables. Thier heart lies with making pretty Party Printables that every mom can make at home.  The Digital Design elements can be printed on a home PC and hand made, making your party so easy to do. Visit Sprogs to see more...

Baby Shower Invites

Invitations are the best way to let people know that there’s something big brewing. Get your personalized Baby Shower Invitations from SunshineParties.

Monthly onesie tracking

Photographing your pregnancy month by month? Use these cute onesie stickers to document your growth. They can be found on

Sunshine Prints

For an inexpensive way to add that oomph to your nursery why not purchase some fun prints and frame them for a new interest in the room or a focal point. Visit Sunshine Shabby for ideas.

Pregnancy competition

Send in a picture from your pregnancy photo shoot and stand the chance to win a Wylder Jane Audrey Bag which can be used as a bottle bag, diaper bag or lunch box.


Onesie stickers are month to month stickers that allow you to capture your baby’s growth. Onesie stickers can make a great baby shower gift. Give them to friends and family and month by month they can share their photos keeping you up to date on their growth. Purchase these from Sunshine Babies

Nipple laser therapy

Asking for laser therapy on your nipples from your physiotherapist is highly recommended. Ask for this while you are still in the hospital as it helps prevent sore cracked nipples enabling you to give breast feeding a chance.

Baby Shower Gift Idea

A baby time capsule is fantastic gift idea for a baby shower! Time capsules can be ordered online and are available locally. Parents fill this keepsake with memorabilia from baby's birth day and first year.  The capsule is then sealed until a special day - years in the future - when baby has grown up.

Document your baby's growth

Photos don’t always accurately depict your baby’s size. Here's a cute way to document the story of his growth. For the first year of his life, take a picture of him every month inside your washing hamper. As the months progress, you will notice how much more space he's taking up. Years later you will find it hard to believe that he was ever that small.

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