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Am I Pregnant? | Your questions answered

Pregnancy Questions

Due Date calculator
To work out when your baby is due try our Due Date Calculator Enter the first day of your last period (This is how most healthcare practitioners calculate your due date.)  [read more]

How do I know when the baby is coming?
Carrying a child and giving birth are filled with aches and pains unique to each individual, but how do you know if labour has truly begun? Here are a few pointers: You note more Braxton Hicks con  [read more]

How do I know if the baby has dropped?
It's impossible to say precisely when your baby will drop or descend into your pelvis, because every pregnancy is unique. This process is called lightening, is likely to occur several weeks before lab  [read more]

When is my baby due?
Once your pregnancy has been confirmed, what you most want to know is your due date. The average length of a pregnancy is 40 weeks, or 280 days, from the first day of the last normal menstrual period.  [read more]

How do I know if the baby is mine?
Take a paternity test to find out. Paternity/ Parentage testing is a test to determine whether a man may be the father of a particular child. This is done for any person who wishes to prove or disprov  [read more]

Pregnancy Tests

Missed period, negative pregnancy test?
It can be very frustrating to be late on your period and have a negative pregnancy test. Leaves you wondering what is going on? You could be experiencing a “false negative” test for the followi  [read more]

I had sex and I think I am pregnant?
The only way to know for sure is to wait until your period is due. If you are late on your period then you could be pregnant, in this case take a pregnancy urine test to see. These are available over  [read more]

What is the first sign of pregnancy?
While the answer is unique to each individual, the first sign of a possible pregnancy is being late on your period. Intense PMS symptoms can also be a sign of pregnancy. Most woman who have been thro  [read more]

I’ve had my period but I still think I’m pregnant?
It is not impossible to have periods and be pregnant. Some pregnant women have regular periods all the time. If your home pregnancy test is negative, contact your doctor and ask for a blood test.  Pr  [read more]

Cramps but no period, negative pregnancy test?
It can be very confusing to be late on your period and have a negative pregnancy test together with cramps. Here are a few suggestions: You need to wait about a week or more after your missed p  [read more]

I think I’m pregnant but my period came?
You could be pregnant and what you are experiencing could be implantation bleeding. This happens after conception and it can appear to be a period maybe a little lighter and shorter than normal. Impla  [read more]

What are the early signs of pregnancy?
Do you think you could be pregnant but it is too soon to take a test? Whilst a pregnancy test is the way to know for sure, here is a list of some early signs of pregnancy for you: 1. Fatigue: Extre  [read more]

How can I tell if I’m pregnant?
For most women, the first sign of pregnancy is when they miss their period. There are a number of symptoms than can help you to determine whether you are pregnant or not although the only way to be ab  [read more]