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Babies 0 – 12 Months | your little miracle

Your Baby's Wellbeing

Child immunization schedule
What exactly are vaccinations? At birth, babies are immunised by antibodies that have passed through the placenta. During the first few months of life, breastfed babies are also beautifully protect  [read more]

Disposable vs. Cloth Nappies: Make an informed decision
The debate between which type of diaper is best is not a simple question to answer. With so many different choices these days, here are some things to take into consideration. Cost: The cost of  [read more]

Out for the Count - 11 Tips for getting your baby to sleep through the night
Dream on, baby. Tried and tested ways to get your child to sleep through the night. Babies are wonderful creatures. We adore them. But let’s be honest: they come with their challenges. Of thes  [read more]

Tummy Trouble: What to do when your baby has wind
IN A KNOT What is wind? Put simply, wind is air that is trapped in your baby’s stomach. Air gets swallowed along with milk during feeding, or when baby cries. The pressure exerted by this trappe  [read more]

Infant Acid Reflux
A Burning issue Infant acid reflux defined Infant acid reflux, also known as gastroesophageal reflux or GER, is a painful condition that affects more than half of all babies in the first few mont  [read more]

The benefits of breastfeeding
What a bonus to know that breastfeeding is not only wonderful for baby, but benefits you just as much. You've done the research, but here's a feel-good reminder of why nursing is the way to go: Be  [read more]

Colic: Why is my baby crying so much?
Does your baby cry endlessly for hours on end with none of her usual needs unmet? Have you done everything the book said about checking her nappy, trying to feed her or offering her comfort, but nothi  [read more]

Drowning: Prevention and CPR
Every responsible parent should be especially vigilant around pools, paddling pools, dams, rivers and by the seaside. Also very important is to know what to do in the terrible event of a drowning. A b  [read more]

Teething symptoms and remedies
While teething may not be a happy time for mom and dad, it's definitely not a good time for baby. Imagine a throbbing toothache twenty-four-seven. Not fun. While these teething remedies will help with  [read more]

Mom's Wellbeing

Post Birth Contraception Options
Holding your beautiful baby and relishing in the moment is first on your agenda. The last thing you want to consider is what post birth method of contraception you should choose.  However, you will n  [read more]

Periods after birth: When will I get my period after giving birth?
After nine months of no menstrual periods, no one looks forward to the dreaded day your period returns, but it has to happen sooner or later. Nursing your baby plays a large role in determining how  [read more]

What is Post Natal Depression (PND)?
Congratulations on the birth you’re your new baby! This is a very exciting time for you, your family and special friends. You may be wondering why everyone is feeling so on top of the world about th  [read more]

Are you suffering from postnatal depression?
You should be on Cloud Nine, right? All went (for the most part), according to plan: you endured nine long months of pregnancy, having tracked your baby's progress week by week, taken your folic acid  [read more]


When can my baby eat dairy products such as cheese, milk and yoghurt?
Yoghurt can be introduced to baby at approximately 8 months of age (although some start as early as 6 months) and is a great source of calcium for baby as well as “good bacteria” for the digestive  [read more]

Introduction To Solids: 4 - 6 Months
When you have a baby you will receive input and advice from a lot of different sources - some useful and some not so useful or even not to be trusted. Starting solids can be a scary thought as there a  [read more]

From solids to finger foods: 7 - 9 months
Your baby's food choices are increasing every month and soon there will be no end to him experimenting with new flavours and textures! It's exciting to have your baby join you at the dinner table and  [read more]

Stimulation and Development

Stimulate your child through play-and-learn activities
The biggest and longest-lasting gift you can give your child is your time. Baby stimulation will assist in helping your baby grow and develop mentally and physically to his peak potential. Your baby's  [read more]

First Few Weeks

Q&A: Your Baby's First Week at Home
This is what you've been waiting for, for ten long months! It's finally time to take your newborn baby home to her  brand-new room, to try out all the tiny, cute outfits and to powder her excess  [read more]

What To Expect From The First 6 Weeks
First things first For you to embrace this new life of yours, you actually have to leave the hospital. Instead of it filling you with excitement, the idea of taking your newborn baby home can have qu  [read more]

Personal Experiences With Babies

Baby + Routine = A Happy Baby
By Elzet Pedersen I'm definitely not the best mother around, I get impatient, I scream now and then and yes, sometimes I say naughty words under my breath. But both my kids are happy and secure - m  [read more]