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Birth and More | time for action

Birth Options

What is a VBAC?
VBAC stands for vaginal birth after caesarean section. It's the term used when you give birth vaginally, having had at least one baby born by caesarean section. If you are expecting again and want  [read more]

Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Storage
What are stem cells? Stem Cells are the body’s master cells, which have the ability to differentiate and specialize into all cells that make up the human body (skin, tissue, blood, organs, muscl  [read more]

Giving Birth Naturally: Home Birth
There's no place like home Home birth for a new generation As far as natural birth goes, you can’t get more authentic than home birth. After all, women have been bringing their babies into the  [read more]

Giving birth naturally: Hypnobirthing and Childbirth
A Dream delivery Hypnotherapy and pain relief For most people, the word “hypnosis” conjures up visions of a suspicious-looking therapist dangling a watch in the face of a dazed and intimidated  [read more]

Giving Birth Naturally: The Waterbirth Experience
Making a splash All about water birth An increasingly popular choice for expectant mothers who want to go the natural route, water birth is a refreshing alternative to conventional birthing option  [read more]

Birth Costs

Childbirth Costs - what does it really cost to have a baby?
Once the joyous news of a pregnancy has been shared, most parents-to-be start thinking up names, dream up the perfect nursery, work out what all the nappies will cost them and start searching for a so  [read more]

What to Expect from Birth

Labour: How do I know if this is the Real Deal?
As the time draws closer, you might be wondering how on earth you'll know when exactly to rush off to the hospital. No mom-to-be wants to find herself being sent home due to a false alarm. So, how do  [read more]

Stages of Labour
I've come to learn that nothing in life is predictable. We love to plan everything, diarise important dates and make things happen in a way that suit our busy schedules. With something as delicate and  [read more]

Caesarean Section
If you are reading this article it either means that your birth option of choice is a Caesar or that you are educating yourself just in case you need to have an emergency Caesar. Us women are way stro  [read more]

Pain Relief

Pain Relief during Labour and Birth
When going through labour and birth it's essential to try your very best to relax and stay in control - both physically and mentally. There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to  [read more]

Epidural: Everything You Need To Know
Labour pains are unpredictable and very different from woman to woman. While a few lucky ladies might give birth in no time at all, others struggle with painful contractions for hours and hours before  [read more]