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FAQ | The answers to all your questions

Pregnancy Questions and Answers

What is implantation bleeding?
Implantation bleeding also called implantation spotting is one of the typical pregnancy signs and symptoms. Implantation usually happens around 6-12 days after ovulation and fertilization. Most wom  [read more]

Do you need to test your MMR( Mumps, Measles and Rubella) before considering conceiving?
If you are considering trying for a baby, you should ask your doctor to check whether you are fully immune to rubella by using a simple blood test. Most women are immune and no further action is requi  [read more]

What are the 5 things to know when picking a name for your baby?
1. What does the name mean? Once you select a name that you and your spouse really like, go and find out what it means. Sometimes the nicest sounding name has the strangest or unpleasant meaning wh  [read more]

When should I tell my boss I’m pregnant?
When you’re expecting a baby, it’s a happy, exciting, but also nerve-wracking time. It’s a huge life change, and one of the areas that will be affected is your work. At some point, it’s import  [read more]

Is it safe to do pilates during pregnancy?
Not only is Pilates a safe exercise to do during pregnancy, it is also designed around eight core principles that benefit pregnant women in particular. Pilates is a non-impact workout that increases f  [read more]

Is there any gender link between a dark or light linea nigra?
Visible in many pregnant women, a linea nigra is a dark vertical line about one centimetre to half a centimetre in width extending from the belly button to the pubic bone. It due to the increased leve  [read more]

Will my second birth be easier than my first?
Whilst second and subsequent births are said to be easier than the first, it still depends on various factors such as the mental, emotional and physical state of the mother as well as the size of the  [read more]

Once my waters break, how long is it safe to wait before contractions begin?
For some women who are full term (ie. 37 weeks and over) and whose waters break, contractions often don’t begin immediately – this is referred to as PROM (Premature Rupture of Membranes). In other  [read more]

How and where do I get a birth certificate?
All children born in South Africa must be registered within 30 days of their birth at the Department of Home Affairs (in terms of the Births and Deaths Registration Act, 1992.) A parent, parents, g  [read more]

When do you need to start antenatal classes?
Unfortunately most antenatal classes are not scheduled with just your pregnancy in mind. They are run in batches from time to time. What we suggest is find out from your Gynae who he/she recommends  [read more]

How soon can I test to find out if I’m pregnant?
This depends on two things – your personal cycle and the type of pregnancy test you use. Some pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy before the date that you are due to begin your period (as early as  [read more]

When will my baby sleep through the night?
If your child is content and healthy, there is no reason why he should not be sleeping through by 4 months. According to experts the term ‘sleeping through’ can mean anything from a 5 hour stretc  [read more]

Is it safe to use a safety belt while pregnant?
Not only is it safe but it's a must - if mom is safe, baby is safe. According to research the best way to protect your baby is to keep yourself out of harm's way.  The belt should be positioned prope  [read more]


What options are available to treat infertility?
Depending on the reason for the infertility, there may be several treatment options. For example: Timed intercourse – Assuming there are no obvious medical reasons for either partner to be consid  [read more]

What is IVF?
Mbali Lechler, managing director of FertilityCareSA, an egg donation and surrogacy programme based in Cape Town, says IVF is an acronym for in vitro fertilization ('in-vitro' meaning 'in glass'). In -  [read more]

Seven ways to stay upbeat when feeling down about infertility
A woman facing infertility can feel lonely in a world that seems filled with babies and where it appears that every other woman gets pregnant with ease. It is often incredibly difficult for those who  [read more]

What causes infertility in men and women?
There are numerous reasons for infertility in men and women. In women, tubal damage secondary to infections, inability to ovulate and uterine disease like fibroids are possible factors. However, betwe  [read more]

What is Infertility? How is it clinically defined?
According to Dr. Femi Olarogun, a fertility specialist, the definition of infertility is the inability to conceive despite regular exposure to unprotected intercourse. It affects roughly 15% of women  [read more]

Questions about newborns

Is it okay to use a night light in my baby’s room?
Using soft light or a night light in your baby’s room is perfectly fine, especially if it makes it easier for you to check on your little one. Babies under 6 months however, are used to a dark envir  [read more]

When will my baby have a growth spurt?
Most babies have obvious growth spurts around 3 – 4 weeks, 6 - 8 weeks, 12 – 14 weeks, 16 weeks, 6 months and 9 months. What is a growth spurt and how do I deal with one?  [read more]