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Newborn Q&A | Information on newborn babies – the answers to all your questions.

Questions about newborns

Is it okay to use a night light in my baby’s room?
Using soft light or a night light in your baby’s room is perfectly fine, especially if it makes it easier for you to check on your little one. Babies under 6 months however, are used to a dark envir  [read more]

How long do the baby blues and postnatal depression last?
As common as the baby blues are, no new mother likes being reduced to a heap of puffy eyes, dirty hair and crumpled clothing. Attributed to exhaustion, heightened emotional state and massive shifts in  [read more]

How do I prevent SIDS and when will my baby stop being at risk?
SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is the sudden and inexplicable death of an infant under the age of one year. Most commonly occurring during the first four months of life, sudden infant death syndr  [read more]

When will my baby have a growth spurt?
Most babies have obvious growth spurts around 3 – 4 weeks, 6 - 8 weeks, 12 – 14 weeks, 16 weeks, 6 months and 9 months. What is a growth spurt and how do I deal with one?  [read more]

What routine should I follow and when should I start?
There are many different routines to choose from. Find one that fits in with your family lifestyle. The important thing about a routine is to remember that you need to be flexible. There will be tim  [read more]

What can I expect from the first week at home?
Enjoy the moment you have been waiting for - just relax and snuggle baby close all day long. You may feel vulnerable and overwhelmed - it takes a little while to find your feet and settle into  [read more]

My baby is constipated - what can I give her?
A natural remedy is half a teaspoon of dark brown sugar (the sticky type) in 50 ml of cooled boiled water. Try one of these in the morning and one in the afternoon. If this doesn't sort her out in a d  [read more]

My baby is niggly and struggles to settle - is this due to winds?
If he's fed and had a nappy change chances are good that he still has a wind. If he falls asleep just to wake up after a few minutes and continue doing this, it might be a wind that keeps him from se  [read more]

My baby is vomiting up all his milk. Surely this is not normal?
A little bit of milk is quite normal but excessive vomiting might be due to reflux. It's quite common and means that the valve between the stomach and the oesophagus is underdeveloped. The good news i  [read more]

Why is my Baby Crying?
Your baby may be crying for any of these reasons. It helps to go through a quick process of elimination: Is he due for a nappy change? Is it time for his nap? Is he overstimulated? Is he too  [read more]

Why does my baby suddenly want to feed every hour?
It's called a growth spurt. You can expect one around week 4 and then again around week 6 - 8. Go through the process of elimination and try other calming strategies before you feed him. If this d  [read more]

How can I enhance my milk supply?
Make your own Jungle Juice tonic of which you should have 2 litres per day: Ingredients: 50 ml blackthorn berry tonic (Schlehen elixir) 1 litre apple, berry or grape juice 2 litres water  [read more]

When and how often should I bath my baby?
Try to bath baby around the same time every day and she will soon settle in this routine and know that sleep time follows bath time. Create a calm atmosphere in the room by using a lamp or dimmed  [read more]