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Pre-Pregnancy | trying for a baby

Falling Pregnant

The Shettle's Method Part II: How to Conceive a Girl
In the early 1960s, Dr. Landrum B. Shettles published a groundbreaking report on the distinctive characteristics of Y-bearing (boy-producing) and X-bearing (girl-producing) sperm. He asserted that the  [read more]

The Shettle's Method Part I: How to Conceive a Boy
In the early 1960s, Dr. Landrum B. Shettles published a groundbreaking report on the individual characteristics of Y-bearing (boy-producing) and X-bearing (girl-producing) sperm. He asserted that the  [read more]

5 Clever ways to announce pregnancy
Congratulations! Finding out you are pregnant is such a special and joyous time in your life. Exciting surprises like these don’t happen often in life, so cherish and enjoy the moment of sharing the  [read more]

Top reasons why women battle to conceive
NO MISCONCEPTION Why can’t I fall pregnant? For a woman, there are few things as soul-destroying as not being able to fall pregnant. After all, women are bombarded with images of motherhood on a  [read more]

How Long Should it Take to Get Pregnant?
Many women think that falling pregnant is quick and easy, and will happen straight away once you stop using contraception. But it's not necessarily as simple as that. Even though people become acciden  [read more]

A Baby Boy or a Baby Girl?
While most couples who are trying to conceive don't have a preference as to the sex of the baby, there are those couples who would like to do everything they can to ensure either a girl or a boy is bo  [read more]

Your Menstrual Cycle: How to Get Pregnant
For some couples falling pregnant is as simple as falling into bed, but for others this process is a complex labyrinth of planning. There are many factors that contribute to creating another life, but  [read more]

Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms: Am I pregnant?
Every day a large number of women worldwide ask themselves the following question: How do I know if I am pregnant? Although pregnancy symptoms vary in intensity, frequency and duration from woman to w  [read more]

How and When to Take a Pregnancy Test
A home pregnancy test is generally the first confirmation of the fact that you are expecting a baby. Urine tests such as these are generally preferred over a doctor's blood test for your first confirm  [read more]


Eating your way to a successful IVF
The things we crave the most are usually the things we can't have, and this couldn't be more  true than when you are struggling to have a baby. Failing to fall pregnant may be attributed to a vitamin  [read more]

How to choose an Egg Donor
Sometimes fertility issues make it impossible to achieve pregnancy without the help of IVF treatment with an egg donor. This can often be heart breaking to accept at first, but because of the amazing  [read more]

When Conception Isn't So Easy
In today's society where instant gratification is the order of the day, results that are not forthcoming in our set timeframes are regarded as failures. Conceiving is no different. Many couples envisa  [read more]

The Low-Down on IVF Treatment
Fertility problems are far more common than you might think. Many couples worldwide are unable to conceive, thus not capable of realising their dream of having children. With medical assistance, howev  [read more]

Planning For a Baby

Your Essential Pre-Conception Planning Checklist
Positive lifestyle changes as long as six months before conception can be very beneficial to your pregnancy, which means that where possible pre-conception planning is a must. The first four to eight  [read more]