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Toddlers 1 – 3 Years | oh so independent

Toddler Milestones

Too da loo: Potty-Training 101
Being able to go to the bathroom independently is a major milestone in a child’s development – and a memorable moment in a parent’s life too.  Ah, yes, just imagine… nappy changes will soon b  [read more]

Toddler Developmental Milestones
Most major milestones take place while your child is still just a baby - during his or her first twelve months. However, the time in between infancy and childhood is still a very important period. The  [read more]

Birthday Party Planning

The Ultimate Birthday Party Planning Checklist
Make use of this comprehensive birthday party checklist to ensure that you have it all covered. Creativity, simplicity and detailed party planning makes for a successful birthday party. Whether you ar  [read more]

Ready for Big School?

Q&A: The A - Z of Registering your Child for School
Most of us still remember school terms like Standard 8 and back then our biggest concern was coming up with a creative excuse for not doing our homework or getting more tuck shop money. Today it's a w  [read more]

How To Choose a School For Your Child
I came across a parent once, busy at a table looking through a pile of school brochures and prospectuses. The look on her face told me she was overwhelmed and feeling a bit out of her depth. Here she  [read more]


5 Practical Tips to Discipline Your Child in a Positive Way
Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you are disciplining your toddler? It's important to understand that we use discipline as a tool to teach our children, not to punish them. Accoding to Gar  [read more]

Your Toddler's Wellbeing

Child-friendly Meal and Snack Ideas
It's important to give your child the best nutrition you can afford with the time you have. It's a love-sacrifice to always make time to prepare a balanced, nutritional lunch or supper. We have seriou  [read more]