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Twins | expecting twins or multiples

Twin Pregnancy

First Trimester
You have just found out that you are pregnant, and on top of that you have also just found out that you are expecting twins. Your mind is trying to deal with the fact that you'll soon be feeding, clot  [read more]

Second Trimester
The second trimester of a twin pregnancy, week 13-27, will see your babies change dramatically as they become foetuses and are growing in leaps and bounds. Great news for you is that typical pregna  [read more]

Third Trimester
In your third and last twin pregnancy trimester your babies will try to put on more fat and have started to store iron, calcium and other essential nutrients. For you discomfort in many ways - such  [read more]

Twin Pregnancy Complications
Finding out that you are expecting twins can be daunting, because carrying two babies rather than one is commonly associated with increased complications such as miscarriages and preterm labour and bi  [read more]

Twin Pregnancy Symptoms
When you first find out that you are pregnant with twins you might be overwhelmed and slightly stressed out, but soon enough you'll more likely than not get excited. Twin pregnancies occur more often  [read more]

Interesting Twin Facts

Fraternal Twins vs Identical Twins
Most people don't know much about twins and how they are conceived until a close friend or a family member finds out she is having twins, or until they find out they are expecting twins themselves. Tw  [read more]