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Week 21 of pregnancy | Second Trimester

(counting from the first day of last menstrual period)

Being in Week 21 of your pregnancy means that you have now entered into the second half of this wonderful experience! This week we’ll be taking the time to find out why Mom is looking a little puffy, as well as just what Baby is hiding in there.

You may find that at this stage of your pregnancy, you are experiencing swelling of the legs, especially your ankles, after you’ve been on your feet for a while. Don’t be alarmed, you are not packing on the pounds from your toes upwards! The swelling in your ankles is known as oedema, and occurs as a result of the excess blood and fluid which is currently circulating through your pregnant body.  Another symptom which you might find yourself experiencing right now is leg cramps. The excess blood and fluid in your body is a contributing factor to this discomfort as well.

You should by now have become aware of your body and its needs. As you continue to grow and your body comes under more and more strain, you may find that you tire more easily. It is perfectly alright to take a break from time to time!  Put your feet up – you’ll be getting rid of those swollen ankles at the same time too.

You should be attending your next monthly practitioner appointment soon. This appointment should be a fairly routine affair, as the doctor will simply be making sure that everything is progressing smoothly.


Though it was possible to see whether your baby is a boy or girl at sixteen weeks, now would be a better time to find out – if you want to, that is! Many babies, however, have an uncanny knack of covering the important bits at the most inopportune times, so the choice really is the baby’s in the end.

At approximately 360 grams, your baby will be practicing his or her motor skills more often – as the amniotic fluid is a great place to explore arm and leg movements. It is also still fairly easy for your baby to stretch out, so he or she will be taking the opportunity to do just that.

Dad, did you know that your baby is starting to be able to distinguish voices? A deeper male voice is easier for your child to recognise than a higher pitched female voice.  So now would be a good time to start conversing with “the bump” in order to have your baby grow close to you.

That’s it for Week 21 of your pregnancy. Next week Dad is in for another treat, while Mom and Baby continue to do what they have been doing best – namely growing. Until then, enjoy the start of the second half of your pregnancy.

Tip of the Week | be encouraged

If you're feeling creative, why not write a poem for your unborn child. You can include it in your pregnancy journal or scrapbook.

Baby Quote of the Week | be inspired

A baby is something you carry inside you for nine months, in your arms for three years and in your heart till the day you die. Mary Mason

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