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Week 23 of pregnancy | Second Trimester

(counting from the first day of last menstrual period)

Week 23 of pregnancy may see the onset of Mom’s Braxton Hicks contractions – so let’s discuss exactly what those are, how to identify them as well as why you might be experiencing them.

In life, there are many things that must be practiced before you finally perfect the task. Contractions are no different! At this stage you may very well experience “practice” or Braxton Hicks contractions.  As described in a medical dictionary, a Braxton Hicks contraction is an intermittent, painless contraction that occurs every 10 to 20 minutes and can be experienced any time after the first trimester. These contractions are a tightening of the belly and are sometimes described as fairly uncomfortable by women that have experienced them.

Some women will not experience Braxton Hicks contractions at all, some will only notice them in their second or subsequent pregnancies and others will experience them frequently. Regardless, the possible discomfort that you may experience can be alleviated by changing position, breathing deeply or by massage.


You may think that the Braxton Hicks contractions will affect your baby adversely. Put your mind at rest – they do not affect him or her in the slightest.

Your baby’s eyes are once again open, which means that he or she is embracing his or her newfound senses. The little one may not be able to resist the temptation to suck a thumb from time to time, so you very well might see this when you have a scan. If you notice a regular “tick” inside your belly, don’t be alarmed – your baby is just having a bad case of the hiccups!

Dad, as you prepare to look after your family, perhaps now is the time to take a First Aid course. In this way you will be prepared in the unfortunate event of a medical emergency taking lace in your house. Both you and your partner will be much more relaxed knowing that there is someone with sufficient skills to take control should the need arise.

That brings Week 23 of your pregnancy to a close. Next week we’ll chat about your fundal measurements as well as Baby’s new fatty layer, which will provide insulation once he or she is born. Until then, look after yourselves!

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