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Week 30 of pregnancy | Third Trimester

(counting from the first day of last menstrual period)

You have now completed three quarters of your pregnancy, and only have about ten weeks to go. Let’s discuss the merits of using second-hand furniture in Baby’s room, as well as possible baby names.

With all your extended family trying their best to help you prepare for your baby’s imminent arrival, you should perhaps take care when accepting any second hand gifts. If it is an older piece of furniture handed down from your mother or even a kindly aunt, be sure that it conforms to today’s safety regulations – which are a lot stricter than they were in yesteryear. It was a common mistake in days gone by to use lead based paints when painting cribs and every other piece of furniture in sight. If you would like to make use of this furniture, perhaps ask your partner to help you sand the paint off the item to reveal the wood beneath, and then choose a baby-safe paint with which to give it a facelift.


Though we’re sure your baby will eventually achieve 20/20 vision, for now 20/400 is as good as it gets. Baby can make out a change in light and make out objects a few inches in front of him or her. The little one also has a tendency to suck his or her thumb for comfort, and when life gets too tiring, a yawn has been known to creep in. If you are still concerned about the effects of a Braxton Hicks contraction on your baby, you can rest assured and know that the only thing that happens is that his or her movement is constricted. Other than that, your baby is completely unaffected by the whole ordeal.

If you and your partner haven’t yet discussed it, you should take some time out to chat about baby names. Try to keep a level head and don’t get too passionate about your favourites. Each of you should write a list of your ten favourite baby names – both girl and boy names if you haven’t found out your baby’s gender – and then hand it to your spouse. Start off by crossing off those names that you absolutely couldn’t live with, and then discuss the rest. This is a big decision to make, so take all the time you need.

We’re nearing the home stretch of your pregnancy now that Week 30 is drawing to a close. Next week we’ll take a look at colostrum and Baby’s complexion.

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The most important thing she'd learned over the years was that there was no way to be a perfect mother and a million ways to be a good one. Jill Churchill

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