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Week 32 of pregnancy | Third Trimester

(counting from the first day of last menstrual period)

It’s hard to believe, but you are already in Week 32 of your pregnancy! With only eight more weeks to go, things might seem a little stressful. This week we’ll look at the pregnancy hormone called relaxin, and just what effect it has on Mom.

Right now your body is producing a pregnancy hormone called relaxin – causing the body to prepare for birth by relaxing your pelvic ligaments. This is necessary in order for your baby to able to pass through the birth canal without unnecessary hindrance from your body. Relaxin is also the hormone responsible for you starting to waddle – the relaxation of ligaments causes this change in your walk. Once your baby has been born you’ll return to normal, however, so don’t worry too much about this.

As the discomforts of pregnancy drag on, you may be tempted to take over-the-counter medication in order to alleviate problems. Before resorting to medication, which might not be in your baby’s best interests, always check with your doctor. Or try some natural alternatives where possible; the likes of massage, stretching and exercise all relieve body aches, while a healthy balanced diet can help to relieve heartburn or constipation.  

Right now your baby is going through a rapid weight gain stage – between now and the birth his or her weight might very well double. In general, babies at this stage weigh about 1.7kgs (though each pregnancy tends to differ), so it is possible that baby will be just shy of 3.5kgs at birth!

You will probably notice a decline in your baby’s movements from now. Due to the massive growth spurt that he or she is experiencing, there simply isn’t enough space to move around as before.  

Baby will generally sleep in the region of 90% of the day – just like a newborn baby – and will even experience REM sleep. This means that your baby may be experiencing his or her first dreams!

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Although you might just have gotten used to your partner being back to normal after the early hormonal stage of the pregnancy, you might find that she is a little crankier now. This is as a result of pregnancy hormones as well as feeling heavier and more uncomfortable. Just bear with her and be patient – there are only eight weeks to go, so the end is in sight!

And with that, Week 32 of your pregnancy draws to a close. Next week we’ll examine the types of things to pack in the bag you will take to the hospital. Until then, put your feet up and spend some quality time as a couple.


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Do your pelvic floor exercises religiously!

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