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Week 36 of pregnancy | Third Trimester

(counting from the first day of last menstrual period)

Congratulations, you’ve only got a month to go! In Week 36 of your pregnancy, let’s take a closer look at baby-proofing your house and keeping a look-out for signs of early labour.

In Week 36 you’ll carry on experiencing more swelling and you’ll still find it hard to find a comfortable position to sleep in. You are also more than likely feeling very emotional, but try your best to relax in order to prepare yourself for what’s to come.

If you haven’t been tested for Group B Step yet, ask your practitioner about this. Remember that you should be seeing him or her weekly during your last four weeks of pregnancy.
Most babies will be in a head down position by now, although a small percentage will be breech. Do not be alarmed by this – there are plenty of exercises you can do to encourage the baby to turn, and if that doesn’t work your practitioner can attempt a manual turning of the baby.

If you were to start having long and strong regular contractions, chances are your baby is on its way. There is no reason to stop your labour by this stage of your pregnancy, so make sure your hospital bag is packed – just in case.

From Week 36 onwards, your baby could drop into the birth canal at any time… so be prepared!

Most of your baby’s bones (apart from the soft skull) are now completely hardened – which means that he or she is ready to come outside to meet and take on the world.

By 36 weeks of gestation, your baby’s gastrointestinal system is now mature and ready for digestion. Also, he or she will shed most of the downy hair and the waxy substance that covered and protected his or her skin over the last few months.


Baby-proofing the house is an excellent task for you this week! You might think that it’s going to be ages until he or she starts crawling, walking and exploring everything within reach, but we can promise you that this will be happening before you know it. So start securing window latches, draws and cupboards, hide detergents and other harmful chemicals, and put gates up by your stairs.

By now you might also start feeling nervous about holding your baby. But rest assured – the more you handle him or her, the more comfortable you will get.

That’s it for week 36 of your pregnancy. Next week we’ll talk about which preparations Dad can get busy with while Mom gets as much rest as possible.

Tip of the Week | be encouraged

Your hospital bag should be packed at least 4 weeks prior to your due date. Rather play it safe!

Baby Quote of the Week | be inspired

Feed your child's imagination - Leave the dishes, the budget and logic at the backdoor and enter his/her world, "they" will welcome you with open arms. Elzet Pedersen

Good Reads | be informed

A Pregnant Pause by Nash Sagar. For all those mums to be, or contemplating starting a family, this is a book that will hopefully keep you laughing all the way through. This comedy poetry book has tried to cover all aspects of pregnancy in the lightest form. So all you mums and expectant dads, read, enjoy, laughingly recommend this extremely hilarious book.


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