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Week 5 of pregnancy | First Trimester

(counting from the first day of last menstrual period)

The pregnancy has now progressed to its fifth week – one eighth of the way to having a bouncing bundle of joy! So what amazing wonders are taking place in your and your baby’s bodies this week? Let’s take a closer look….

This week, if you’ve already had a positive result from a home pregnancy test, you may want to schedule an appointment with your chosen practitioner in order to get proper confirmation of the good news. This appointment should be made between now and the eighth week of your pregnancy, so that you can begin the all-important prenatal care.

Physically, you will no doubt be feeling rather noticeable symptoms of early pregnancy – such as nausea, vomiting and breast tenderness. Fatigue is also one of the main symptoms at this stage, so don’t feel bad about giving into a nap from time to time as your body is going through many changes – both physically and emotionally. You will without doubt benefit from doing a small amount of doctor-approved exercise, as this will boost your energy levels.


Baby’s heart has officially begun to beat! An ultrasound may be able to detect the movement of the heartbeat, but hearing the beat is still a few weeks away. An ultrasound would also be able to differentiate the head and tail of the baby, although he or she only measures 1.5 – 2.5mm by now. But its first functioning organ system is in place; the heart and blood vessels complete a circuit and form the circulatory system.

By the end of the fifth week, the neural folds – paired folds lying on either side of the neural plate that form the neural tube – will begin to fuse. This is the reason why you have been talking folic acid.

Now that you’ve found out that you and your partner are expecting a baby, you may want to scream the good news from the rooftops. Before you do so, however, discuss it with your partner. Some women prefer to keep the news of an impending birth quiet, at least for the first 3 months.

Another week has flown by and your baby has grown in leaps and bounds. Next week you can expect really drastic developments in the foetus, so rest up in the meantime, because this is really going to take it out of you…

Tip of the Week | be encouraged

Your body is making a whole new person, it’s totally normal to feel tired, especially in the beginning – don’t feel guilty, nap as often as you can!

Baby Quote of the Week | be inspired

A little girl, asked where her home was, replied, "where mother is”. Keith L. Brooks

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