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Baby Shower Gifts – What should I buy?

When buying a baby shower gift you have to take a few factors into consideration. If this is the first baby the mom and dad-to be will basically need everything and anything, which means you have more freedom when choosing a gift. If they only have boys or girls, and are expecting a baby of the same sex, they will be able to re-use use a lot of stuff – so it is safer to find out exactly what they need. When a couple is expecting another baby of the opposite sex, however, they basically need everything new and are by now probably clued up enough to have a gift registry!


It is always safer to check with a friend or family member what the new mom needs before purchasing a baby shower gift. If she doesn’t have a gift registry at a baby shop, however,¬† and is leaving it entirely up to you, we suggest one of the following gifts.

Baby products
This always make a great baby shower gift because of the practicality factor. The new parents hardly have to buy any products after a baby shower, which is a great bonus (just ask the new dad!). A great buttocks barrier to get is Bennetts Bum Cream. For some unknown reason guests always buy loads of baby powder, but keep in mind that moms don’t really use that much powder. Cotton wool balls come in handy, and you can’t go wrong with wet wipes (Pampers, Huggies or Pigeon).
Tip: Mild products, like the Elizabeth Anne’s range, are great as others may irritate baby’s skin. Another great product is Mozzie Wipes.

We all love shopping for baby stuff, it brings out the nurturer in us and perhaps even the uncontrolled, psychotic side of us. It’s difficult to keep our hands off anything and we want it all! For this reason it’s quite understandable that nappies might feel like a boring gift, but new parents will actually love you for it! If it makes you feel better, add something cute – even if it’s just an adorable bib. When buying nappies, choose size 2 nappies as babies outgrow the newborn nappy quickly.
Tip: If your pregnant friend asked for newborn nappies, Huggies has a lovely newborn nappy which is soft and flexible.

We all love buying cute little outfits, but try to keep in mind that most people buy them in size 0 – 3 months. If you’re a close friend or family member and you happen to know that the new mom needs newborn clothes or something specific, go for it. Otherwise the smarter option is to buy clothing in size 3 – 6 months or older. Also keep the season in mind when you buy clothes; don’t buy winter clothes for a 6 – 12 month old when it will be summer by the time the baby is that age.
Tip: If you are buying vests, buys those with the clips between the legs. And if you give clothing, leave the tag on in case the new mom needs to exchange the gift (you can take off the price).

Practical combinations

  • Nappies (size 2) and other disposable products.
  • Clothes and disposable products, or clothes and nappies.
  • Toys (something practical and soft with an easy grip, as everything will soon go to his/her mouth!) and products/a pack of nappies.
  • A combination of something for baby and something for mom (see “something different” below).

The pitch-in gift
If you’re aware that your friend perhaps has a compactum (baby bath and cupboard-in-one), baby monitor or baby mobile on her wish list, but you can’t afford to buy this alone, you can always find a few friends or colleagues to pitch in.
Tip: Another great and practical gift is a decent digital thermometer (not extremely cute but she will be ever so grateful every time she uses it).

Nursery gifts
Receiving blankets and hooded towels are great gifts – one can never have enough. Other baby shower gift ideas are a night light, a small CD player, sheets, a beautiful mozzie net (you can always decorate this with little flowers, fairies, bugs etc.), a cot bumper and photo frames.
Tip: Due to safety reasons, babies under the age of one should never have a duvet or pillow in their cot.

Something different

  • Carsox (rear window “shades” )
  • Music CD’s (lullaby’s, light classic or instrumental)
  • Educational DVD’s for babies under the age of one
  • Baby Scrapbooking Book for mom
  • Soft toys with different textures and soft sounds
  • Silver bracelet or broach with her name engraved
  • Silver birth certificate holder with his/her name engraved
  • The Baby Sense Book (a must-have for any new mother!)
  • A pamper gift for the new mom; surprise her with a pregnancy or foot massage – just make sure that the spa has a pregnancy specialist – or give her a little hamper filled with Chamomile tea and healthy snacks
  • A Personalised Voucher from you to her that entitles her to a certain amount of babysitting hours or home-cooked meals once baby is born (tip: just deliver, don’t visit even if she invites you in – new moms are often ¬†polite but don’t really want any visitors during the first 2-3 weeks of baby’s birth)

What not to buy

  • Decorative items for the nursery (she might have specific ideas and you don’t want to put her on the spot with “I see you haven’t yet put up the beautiful picture I painted of little Johnny…”)
  • Bottles and dummies (she knows what make of bottle and dummy she wants to use – trust me, every new mother-to-be does some decent research and you don’t want to mess with her if her mind is set on something!)

With a gift it’s usually the idea that counts, that being said it’s nice to give a baby shower gift that is really needed and appreciated. Don’t get carried away while shopping and end up buying everything you like. Wrap your gift extravagantly and, depending on the baby shower you attend, attach a poem, baby quote or baby photo.

2 Responses to “Baby Shower Gifts – What should I buy?”

  1. Kerry says:

    a fantastic stork party gift idea, is a pregnant belly casting kit. They are unique, safe and loads of fun! What better way to make a once in a lifetime lasting treasure of your childs first home!

  2. Elzet says:

    Great idea, thanks Kerry! Although we take in every moment, we still end up forgetting what it was like (the reason I kept a jounal!). A lovely way to capture your pregnancy.

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