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FAQ | Pregnancy Questions and Answers

What can I do to enhance my chances of falling pregnant?

If you have been trying to conceive for a while but have no bump to show for all your effort, it may help to follow these 8 practical tips to increase your chances of falling pregnant:

  • Too much vitamin C can dry up your cervical fluid which decreases your chance of conceiving. The recommended dose is 500 mg per day, but you can up this to 1000 mg per day, no more.
  • Evening Primrose Oil helps to increase the fertile quality of your cervical fluid. Take EPO during the first half of your cycle – from menstruation to ovulation.
  • Smoking, alcohol and caffeine reduces your chance of falling pregnant, in other words an unhealthy lifestyle will definitely have an influence on your fertility status.
  • You might be under the impression that your man should “save up his sperm” for your fertile period (ovulation), but this is a huge myth. By the time ovulation comes, his little men would be lethargic and slow. You need happy, fresh sperm that can go the distance.
  • Avoid fish high in mercury.
  • Avoid using lubricants.
  • Both of you should take Vitamin E as it has been found to increase fertilisation.
  • Give stress a swift kick in the butt – Go away for a weekend (preferably over your fertile period) and once you’re there, forget about babies and scheduled sex. Stir up the romance, have fun, get creative and laugh together. Your chances of falling pregnant are much higher when you’re relaxed.

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