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Newborn Q&A | Questions about newborns

What routine should I follow and when should I start?

There are many different routines to choose from. Find one that fits in with your family lifestyle. The important thing about a routine is to remember that you need to be flexible. There will be times when life happens, just relax and make do with what you have, then bounce back into routine as soon as possible. Your baby won’t get confused as long as you are mostly being consistent.

Sample Routine

All that baby really needs in the first week or two is loads of cuddles and of course a sufficient milk supply. Baby should be feeding every 2 – 3 hours, but you need to listen to her and feed as she demands, especially during the first week.

Tip: Baby should not get used to relying on a feed (or rocking) to fall asleep, so instead of:

Baby wakes up > Play > Feed > Sleep
It should be:
Baby wakes up > Feed > Play > Sleep


  • 5/6 am – feed
  • 9 am – feed
  • 12 pm – feed
  • 3 pm – feed
  • 5 pm – good feed (both sides) or bottle
  • 6 pm – bath
  • 6.30 – 7 pm – top-up feed
  • 7 pm – put down to sleep
  • 9 pm – feed
  • 12 pm – feed
  • 3 am – feed

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