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Newborn Q&A | Questions about newborns

Why is my Baby Crying?

Your baby may be crying for any of these reasons. It helps to go through a quick process of elimination:

  • Is he due for a nappy change?
  • Is it time for his nap?
  • Is he overstimulated?
  • Is he too hot or too cold?
  • Is he hungry?
  • Is he uncomfortable? Cramps, windy, indigestion, constipation, over-feeding, reflux
  • Does he need comfort/touch?

His crying might be caused by hunger if:

  • It’s more than 2 – 3 hours since his last feed
  • His previous feed was not sufficient
  • He slept longer between feeds for a period of 12 – 24 hours and now needs to catch up on feeds. Try to stick to your routine, even if it means waking him every 3 hours.
  • He finishes his bottle most of the time and is wanting more
  • He is above average weight for his age
  • He has less than 5 – 6 nappies a day
  • He is not gaining weight adequately
  • He is going through a growth spurt

If you have gone through this check list and eliminated all possible causes like a stubborn wind, hunger pains, over stimulation, a much needed sleep etc. it’s probably a good idea to give your clinic sister a buzz.

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