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Baby Naming Boo-Boo’s

The truth is that almost any name can be made fun of, depending on the person’s perseverance and persistence. If you really like a name, subject it to a little test and see if anything funny comes up. If not, you have yourself a winner!


8 Baby Naming Boo-Boo’s

  • A name like Mary-Ann Angelique Anderson might me more of a burden than a pleasure due to its length while a name like Dikota Xerox Gernot is just impossible to pronounce.
  • Look at the initials. You don’t want to name your little angel Brett Rupert Albert Thomson (BRAT!).
  • Stay away from obvious names that are begging bullies to make fun of your child e.g. Rosebud, Dick, Apple or Vladimir.
  • Choose a name that is timeless and doesn’t point to a certain era as this name will probably not be so cool in 15 years time e.g. Moonflower or Ecstasy.
  • Don’t choose a cute baby name that will sound ridiculous when your child is a grown man e.g. Fransie or Buddy.
  • Try to stay away from using the same name and surname e.g. Scott Scott, something that sounds very similar like Kerry Cherry or a name and surname that forms a unit like Wendy House.
  • If you really want to combine the two parents’ names, please make sure that it doesn’t sound cheesy: David + Alida = Davida
  • With twins it’s important to try and keep some kind of identity when naming them, stay away from names that sound alike like Abby and Gabbi.