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Baby Naming Tips

Dreaming up possible names for your little one is certainly one of the most exciting ways to pass time while preparing for your baby’s arrival although it can sometimes create some tension. Choose a baby name that both mom and dad are happy with, even if it means compromising slightly. Don’t let family and friends spoil it for you, especially if you really like the name. Sometimes it’s just easier to keep it to yourself until your baby is born.


5 Practical tips to consider when choosing a baby name:

  • Choose a name that is easy to pronounce
  • Ensure that your child will not grow tired of his name by choosing a classic, timeless name
  • Choose a name that both of you are fond of; don’t settle for pressure from the family
  • Opt for a name with a positive meaning
  • Start thinking about baby names early in your pregnancy as you will probably have to change the dad-to-be’s mind a few times