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Newborn Q&A | Questions about newborns

What can I expect from the first week at home?

  • Enjoy the moment you have been waiting for – just relax and snuggle baby close
    all day long.
  • You may feel vulnerable and overwhelmed – it takes a little while to find your feet
    and settle into this new, exciting position called Mom.
  • Don’t bother getting out of your PJ’s – sleep whenever you get a gap.
  • Don’t let eager visitors pressurise you – fit them in when it suits you. Grannies are
    usually super eager so try and make time for them, as for the rest – fit them in
    when you feel up to it
  • Take it easy. All you have to do right now is eat small healthy meals and sleep
    when baby sleeps.
  • Tears are perfectly normal, be patient and kind to yourself.
  • Baby will sleep most of the time and your routine will consist of feeds, nappy changes,
    cuddle time and yes, more sleep.
  • Baby may feedĀ  every 2 – 3 hours, listen to her and feed as she demands. One feed
    can take up to an hour, this is normal.
  • You may starting to feel a bit more confident towards the end of the first week.
    Well done – you are doing a great job!

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