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Newborn Q&A | Questions about newborns

Why does my baby suddenly want to feed every hour?

It’s called a growth spurt. You can expect one around week 4 and then again around
week 6 – 8.

Go through the process of elimination and try other calming strategies before you feed him. If this doesn’t work, you can assume that he is going through a growth spurt. This also means he might wake up more frequently during the night – feed feed him accordingly. A growth spurt usually lasts 24 – 48 hours. Make sure to get back to your normal feeding/sleeping routine as soon as possible after the growth spurt.

What this means for baby:

  • Windy, lots of grunting and struggles to settle
  • Might feed up to every hour

What this means for you:

  • Up your fluids
  • Sleep whenever you can
  • Eat small, healthy meals
  • Smile – life will get back to normal soon!

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